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The mood whiplash that is my gallery.



Firff off, thank you all kindly for the b-day wishes and pretty pictures and all that. Sorry I didn't get time to respond to each individually since I was out the entire day, but I have seen all the comments and etc, and I appreciate 'em.
Got a 3DS of my own w/ smash 4 now.

Sekkund off, I know I haven't been the most active bitch around. Working on getting used to doing something or another so this place doesn't collect cobwebs. MLP is mostly a 'if i feel like it' thing, FNAF is slowly going into that, though I'm still an addict (and only a night 4 survivor), so I'm sure the gallery will see some sort of variety soon enough. If I can remember. GMod needs a swift kick in the gonads at the moment. Might be doing img requests to the couple who've asked in my absence about it, to see if my brain can get a kick start.

Fiird off, to the people who played the TF2 halloween thing this year, was it worth it? 'cause I down right missed the entirety of it over work and such, I've no idea what they even did aside new halloween only shit and bumper cars.

Forff off, hi.

Fifff off, hello.
Synthetic Agony by IlluMint
Synthetic Agony
Something borrowed, something new. Zero doors, and just one YOU!
GMod13 w/ PS CS6


Natalie B.
United States

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Noble-Atomic Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Late as ever, but happy birthday!
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Happy Birthday! :iconcakeplz:
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Happy birthday.
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Happy Birthday!
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Happy Birthday!! :cake: 
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