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April 29, 2013
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Palette Digital 2 by IlluMint Palette Digital 2 by IlluMint
Getting started on learning PS inside and out.
Sketch was done a good while back, but I might get better results on a newer and cleaner sketch. Food for thought. Must continue practice.
Palette and old Palette sketch is (c) myself.
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darkrenegade92 Apr 30, 2013  Student General Artist
cool looking,very nice
kenny241100 Apr 29, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
:iconyosemitesamplz: Them's digital art!
:iconbugsbunnyplz: Yeah them's digital art!
:iconyosemitesamplz: I'm a counten' tah three to tell me more on the photo Night-1! 1, 2,
:iconbugsbunnyplz: 3?
:iconyosemitesamplz: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH You COTTEN PICKEN FLAT OUT EAR VARMEN- :iconbluescreenofdeathplz:!

Amazing what one can think of over amazing art huh?
:iconbugsbunnyplz: Yup.

Gonna say this right now, and I know I'm gonna get destroyed for this: I like your drawings over your GMod.

Now, your GMod pictures are awesome don't get me wrong, and you defiantly kick my ass with the psy-gun, but I always did enjoy your drawings more. I don't know, maybe I just like 2D art more than 3D. That could be just me.

*begins running*
It's okay. I get that a lot, and personally I feel the same way.
There's something about the style I like. You and your brother both have this cartoony style that I think is awesome and at times adorable.

Yes, I think a lot of your OC's are adorable in an Iron Woobie type of characters.
They are. Even my attempts at evil looking jerks still look adorable in some aspects. I don't mind having such a style anyway, it allows for more interest and surprise when the cute characters start chopping their heads off or so.
The more innocent it is, the funnier it is to corrupt.

Don't know what Internet rule that is, but I think it fits well.

In fact, if I may gush for a bit, that's what I liked about your work. It can be both Nightmare Fuel but at the same time adorable, like a Dark is Not Evil thing. I don't know, I like a good Mood Whiplash.

*Wow. I'm using a lot of tropes here....*
Well at least I know what's what. Corrupting the innocent is an incredibly fun pasttime, lemme tell ya.

That's something I often have to mention to many people surprisingly. I know I have a black aura around me most of the time, and I can be really creepy and downright scary to those who don't know me. But I don't play the bad guy or anything, or even advocate anything 'evil' persay.

I've been compared to Shadow the Hedgehog on numerous occasions, especially back in the Sonic fandom.

When I first found your account, I can tell that you were not "evil". You just enjoyed dark and creepy things. If it means anything, I never saw you as "evil" back then, even before I got to know you personally. And this is coming from someone who gets scared very easily.

Add Marceline the Vampire Queen from Adventure Time, as well as Ophelia from Brutal Legend and Marv from Hotel Transylvania with a hint of Rarity.
I've never seen Adventure Time in any shape or form.
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